MMW Combustication

Medeski Martin & Wood Combustication


Medeski Martin & Wood


A deeper groove, plus turntables and powerful experimentation guide MMW through their first Blue Note Release. The hard hitting Sugar Craft featuring DJ Logic is exciting, edgy, and danceable. Nocturne seems to float through a dark, and strangely comfortable dreamscape. Latin Shuffle features one of the greatest recorded piano solos by John Medeski. Rounding out the album and adding an insightful voice is Poet Steve Cannon on Whatever Happened to Gus.

Sugar Craft
Just Like I Pictured It
Whatever Happened to Gus
Latin Shuffle
Everyday People
Coconut Boogaloo
Church of Logic
No Ke Ano Ahiahi
John Medeski – keyboards
Billy Martin – drums and percussion
Chris Wood – basses and bass drum

All music by MMW except Whatever Happened to Gus by MMW and Steve Cannon; Church of Logic by MMW and Jason Kibler; No Ke Ano Ahiahi traditional dedicated to Gabby Pahinui; Everyday People by S. Stewart (Warner-Tamerlane).

Special guests:
DJ Logic, turntables on tracks 1, 3, 10
Steve Cannon, spoken word on tracks 6

Produced By MMW, David Baker, Scott Harding
Recorded in NYC at the Magic Shop
Mixed at Greene Street Recording Studios
Assisted at The Magic Shop by Juan Garcia
Assisted at Greene Street by Danny Madorksy, Katsuhiko Naito, and Dennis.
Mastered by Greg Calbi at Masterdisk
Band Photos: Jimmy Katz
Design: Bleu Valdimer, Project Dragon
©1998 Blue Note Records

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