MMW Farmer’s Reserve

Medeski Martin & Wood Farmer’s Reserve

Farmer’s Reserve

Farmers Reserve MMW
February 11, 1997

Medeski Martin & Wood

Farmer’s Reserve

Farmer’s Reserve was recorded by Medeski Martin & Wood at the famous “Shack” in Hawaii in 1996. The album consists of one continuous 40-minute improvisation followed by a 15-minute epilogue. The music is minimalist, and free form. A sonic MMW journey. Farmer’s Reserve is no butt-shaker! Headphones are highly recommended. Available exclusively through mail order and at live shows.

Composed by MMW
Published by Beatworld Music, BMI
Photograph by Christopher Newbert

Recorded February 11, 1997 at The Shack
Mixed at Clinton Studio B by David Baker and Katzuhiko Naito

John Medeski – Prepared piano, Toy piano, Yamaha CS01 II Synthesizer, Caxixi

Billy Martin – Talking drum, Drum set, Woodblocks, Gongs, Marimba, Bongos, Cowbells, Caxixi, Snail, Bells, Seed Pods, Rattles

Chris Wood – Acoustic bass, guitar

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