MMW Let’s Go Everywhere

Medeski Martin & Wood Let’s Go Everywhere

Let’s Go Everywhere

Lets Go Everywhere MMW
January 8, 2008

Medeski Martin & Wood

Let’s Go Everywhere

When John Medeski, Chris Wood and Billy Martin go into the studio to record any new album, they re never sure what will emerge. It was no different when the trio gathered in an upstate New York studio with a few concepts, a few musical ideas and a few friends, to create Let’s Go Everywhere, the first recording designed to please their youngest fans. says “Let’s Go Everywhere is the kind of record that kids-music insiders get all wound up about, and for a reason that can be summed up in two tidy little words: it’s awesome.”

Waking Up
Let’s Go Everywhere
Cat Creeps
The Train Song
Where’s the Music
Pat A Cake
Pirates Don’t Take Baths
Far East Sweets
On An Airplane
The Squalb
Let’s Go
Old Paint
Hickory Dickory Dock
All Around The Kitchen
We’re All Connected
Recorded at Allaire Studios, Shoken, NY in February 2006
Mixed (and additional recording) at Applehead Studios, Saugerties, NY
Recorded and Mixed by David Kent
Produced by Medeski Martin & Wood
Mastered by Mike Fossenkemper at Turtletone Studios, New York, NY

John Medeski – keybords
Billy Martin – drums, percussion, mbira
Chris Wood – basses, guitar, harmonica, vocals tracks, 4, 9
Tim “Big Time” Ingham – vocals tracks 2, 7
Marvin Pontiac – vocals track 10
Oliver Wood – vocals track 4
Emily Kingsley – vocals tracks 2, 6
Dakota Martin – vocals tracks 5, 6 , 15
Lindsey Dwyer – vocals tracks 13, 15
Nissa Wood – vocals tracks 5, 14
Georgia Laugher – vocals tracks 5, 6
Kieran Engel – vocals track 4
Sawyer Martin – vocals track 5
Caelen Cardello – vocals track 5
Melissa Shacker – vocals track 2
Molly Densmore – vocals track 2
Tulsi Anna – vocals track 14
Lindgren Blue Room Class – vocals tracks 11, 14

Tim Ingham’s vocals recorded at Bern-haus studios, Fort Lauderdale, FL Marvin Pontiac’s vocals recorded at his house by Billy Martin
Oliver Wood’s vocals recorded at The Distortion tank, Woodstock, NY Oliver Wood appears courtesy of Blue Note Records
Nissa Wood recorded at the Wood residence

Assisted by Chris Bittner at Applehead Studios, and Chris Jenkins at Allaire Studios

Illustration – Jim Stoten
Art Direction – Graphic Therapy
Management – Liz Penta, Emcee Artist Management
John Medeski plays Steinway Pianos
Billy Martin uses Zildjian Cymbals, Regal Tip “BG” sticks and Attack Drum Heads

Very Special Thanks To Tim Ingham, John Lurie, Oliver Wood, David Kent, Mark McKenna, Mike Birnbaum, Kate Hyman, Kevin Salem, Liz Penta, Aaron Fuchs, Rit Venerus, Amy Self, Janine Small, Elliott Groffman

Thank you All of the Mamas and the Papas, Barbara, Pat and Adri at The Lindgren School, Closter, NJ, Sabina Baptisa

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